In today's demanding business environment which priortize of speed and accracy and flexibility. Anvisys has a young and qualified team expertise in Dotnet and Android technologies The team has worked on various application for Land Information Management, Telecom Network, Power Distribution, Utilities etc.


Anvisys providers a vast range of technical solutions and services to meet your day to day to requirements. The range of services include the surveillance and automation systems for your Home, Offices, residential complex or public places; Industrial Automation systems for Chemical, Food and beverages, dairy or pharmaceuticals industries.

Society management System

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Flats Management


Accounting and Payment Gateway

Society Management System:
The Society Management application provides interfaces to log complaints by its user, The workflow system of Complaints e.g. assigning complaints to responsible person and further tracking. The solution includes an android and a web interface for complaint logging, A Web Interface for administrative task and workflow management and a database and Server to synchronize activities. The technologies used in the project are DotNet for Server and Web Interface development, Android for smart phone development and SQL Server 2012 as RDBMS.